Fifty Shades of Pollen

on Jan 6, 2019

Scientists and researchers have already established that bee pollen is one of nature’s most incredibly nutrient-rich substances.

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Power Pollen - a natural, healthy high

on Dec 11, 2018


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How you can thrive from the hive

on Nov 27, 2018

5 treasures from Mother Nature’s very own Aladdin’s Cave

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BEE POLLEN - the REAL superfood for sustained energy

on Nov 19, 2018

Super, (adjective):  Excellent, superb, remarkable, dazzling…

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5 top tips for surviving the party season

on Nov 10, 2018

November and December are the busiest months of the party season, so let’s face it, this time of year your body is in for somewhat of a hard time. All your most important organs will be taxed to the limit with too much rich food, way too much alcohol, far too many late nights, hardly any exercise and the exhaustively impossible process of gift selection.

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Good sleep practices - 10 tips for a glorious night's sleep.

on Oct 23, 2018


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Beating your personal energy crisis with Power Pollen

on Oct 16, 2018

Have you ever come face to face with the dreaded 3:00 pm fade? That point in the afternoon when you hit an invisible wall, and can’t seem to summon the energy to get over it? Or maybe mornings are not your thing, and you can’t get past first gear until around noon.

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QUICK DETOX TIP: Sugar Cravings & Low Energy

on Jun 25, 2018

I definitely recommend the use of stevia too! It allows you to keep the “sweetness” in your food while you nix the sugar, honey, sweet fruits and other yeast-feeders. Not only does this allow the body to Detox but will also alleviate the symptoms of candida and other fungal issues, as well as allowing the excess weight to drop off. I use stevia in my smoothies, ‘hot chocolate’, overly-icky-vegetable juices, lemon water and cleverly healthy sweet treats.

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6 Tips To Keep Your Energy Up, Immune System Strong And Body Healthy All Winter Long

on Jun 25, 2018

In winter, the sun sets earlier, a chill fills the air, and we spend less time outside being active and more time inside eating starchy and sugary foods. Our hibernating instinct doesn’t keep us healthy. Rather, our immune system takes a hit, allowing winter colds and flus to grab hold.

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Fit & Fabulous When You’re Over The Hill

on Jun 25, 2018

This week’s Women’s Health Talk post is from guest blogger and personal trainer, Tricia Duffield. 

When it comes to motivation and inspiration, this is someone with serious bucketfuls of both. There is very little she doesn’t know about how to get fit and stay that way, no matter  what age you are. She’s a qualified personal trainer and group exercise leader with a particular interest in the positive emotional benefits of movement, and as a super fit woman in her mid-fifties, she is extraordinary testament to her mantra.


Tricia is also an experienced print and broadcast journalist and before her media career, she was a classical ballet dancer with the West Australian Ballet Company.

Her skills as a communicator, teacher, dancer and athlete inspire others to stay healthy and active. She believes in the power of natural products for kick-starting health and vitality. Her articles on DIY Fitness via her blog, Hearts & Bones Fitness give new hope to those who thought that the only way to get fit was to become a gym junkie. Take it away Tricia!

There are train spotters and plane spotters, bird watchers and celebrity watchers. The obsession may differ but the basic make-up of any spotter is the same. They are dedicated collectors, observers and note-takers, in the extreme. I am neither a bird watcher nor a train geek but I am a dedicated hill spotter and stair chaser.

The reason I have become so expert at hill spotting is because the hill is a trainer’s greatest tool. The hill can do for a runner what distance can’t. The hill can act like a set of weights, like a sprint training track, like a sculpt class. It’s that good. Adding gradient to gravity equals one tough way to work out. Run up a hill, walk up a hill backwards or sidewards, carry a load up a hill, ride a bike up a hill or push a pram up a hill and you have multiplied the energy expenditure of your training by – well, a lot.

A set of stairs is equally effective and if you want to make the most of the built environment where you live, become a dedicated stair spotter. I am a great believer in using whatever is at hand as your training equipment. It’s great if you have a terrific gym and can afford a membership but fitness doesn’t just happen in a fitness centre. You can get fit anywhere, any time, using virtually anything as your equipment.

I don’t like being hitched up to a piece of industrial equipment, counting reps while I’m attached to a bank of monitors. The gym experience for me is just too artificial, boring and unsustainable. Give me the wide open space of the great outdoors any day. If I can find a hill, a tree and an open patch of grass, I can train. Add to it a bench, a seat, a low fence or any other simple, day to day obstacle and you can replicate just about anything you’ll find in a gym.

Once you realise how versatile outdoor space can be, there really is nothing stopping you from getting fit other than your own desire to do so, your own willpower. When people say “Oh, I can’t afford to get fit”, I tell them that fitness is free. Gym memberships aren’t, but then  again, a gym membership won’t guarantee you’ll get fit anyway. It just guarantees a monthly deduction from your bank account. The fitness is and always will be, up to you.

So become a spotter. Have a look around your neighbourhood and find things you can run up, walk up, jump over, step onto, push off or plank on and then hitch up the willpower, set some goals and go.

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